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Our environmental untertaking includes an otter holt, bat boxes, newtt fences and extensive tree planting.

Blackwater Aggregates strives to achieve and maintain the highest environmental standards.

When sourcing your loose or bagged materials from Blackwater Aggregates you may be certain that they have been produced in compliance with all relevant standards and with the least possible impact on the environment. We have demonstrated this in several ways.

Environmental Policy

The company has an Environmental Policy in place which we adhere to in order to maintain the highest standards of compliance and to minimise the impact of our operations on the local environment.

Essex County Council Environmental Award Scheme

Blackwater Aggregates has been awarded the Gold Award by Essex County Council under their Environmental Award Scheme every time it has been run whilst the company has been operating quarries (9 awards so far!). This is awarded for planning compliance and environmental initiatives.

ISO 14001:2004

The company is certificated under the ISO14001:2004 environmental management scheme which involves external audits to confirm compliance with environmental standards, rules and best practice.

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products Scheme (BES 6001)

Blackwater Aggregates has been assessed under this scheme and been given a performance rating of Very Good.

Environmental Initiatives

We strive to implement environmental initiatives above and beyond the requirements placed upon us by our planning conditions whenever we are able. Examples of this are the installation of an Otter Holt following discovery of signs that otters had been visiting a pond, installation of bat and bird boxes and the planting of woodland.


Within all planning permissions granted to the company there are requirements for us to restore the land disturbed by our operations to previously agreed restoration contours and after uses. This nearly always results in a more bio-diverse landscape than was previously present, thereby allowing a more diverse range of flora and fauna to populate these areas post quarrying than were to be found before.

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